Facebook; Life after Death!

whitneyFacebook has always been one of the main components of social interaction online, ever since it was introduced people have been completely aware of what to do with it and how to do it. One thing we always forget to ponder is “what happens to my social media account when I pass away?”. As terrible as it sounds, death is inevitable, no matter who you are or what you do for a living you’re going to die eventually. It may take 20 years, it may take 200, but it’s a known fact in our “physical world” that you’re going to leave this plain at some point.

This leads us the the actual topic of the article, dealing with deaths on Facebook. Facebook had a pretty strict ruling with dead persons profiles the past few years, but now they ind themselves rethinking their strategies on the topic. Whenever a Facebook user passes away the people whom are mourning their loss could ask Facebook to memorialize the persons account. When this happens, only friends and family are able to view the actual profile. Pretty much, it’s for those who actually cared and will miss the person instead of random people hearing about the event. This is changing though, because on Friday Facebook is going to allow the public to see people whom have passed away accounts.

They feel like it’s the best choice, having the persons life available to see for those are intrigued. I guess it’s a good thing, because it allows for more people to hear and see what had happened, as well as more people to mourn the loss that they’ve had to deal with. If an account you frequent or even an account of a close friend has been memorialized recently you will see the changes soon enough, every single profile that has already been “tamed” will resort to these changes by the end of next week.

This gives a whole heap of ideas to those who have been thinking about it, one site (eterni.me) is actually implementing a way to talk to deceased relatives and loved ones like a “Skype call from the past”. They take any information provided about your loved one and then transfer all of that information into the avatar that they build. From here, you have a full-fledged conversation with someone you haven’t talked to in over 5 years. This sounds kind of strange and even sounds like it could break some heart when it comes down to it, but it’s a pretty cool site to take into consideration nonetheless. Of course with all of this being said Facebook is going to ponder what they should be doing when it comes to the memorialisation of a Facebook page, which they consider as long as possible.

Google Developing A Phone That Displays in 3D?

3dphoneApparently as of recent people have been saying that the mastermind company Google is trying to produce something we aren’t used to seeing. A smart phone isn’t too crazy when it comes to the developing of it, but one that views in 3D? That could take some getting used to. The technology giant has been rumored to be looking for developers who are willing to develop unique and “unusual” applications around its new platform. It’s known as “Project Tango”, and as of now it seems like it’s going to be a pretty crazy experience when it finally comes out.

The whole idea of “Project Tango” came about when developers at Google decided to give mobile devices a “human-scale, understanding of space and motions”, which is a direct quote form the main man himself Johnny Lee (he’s the projects lead at Google’s Projects group). Many people have been curious as to how this is going to pan out, because not everybody is completely down for 3-D screens as silly as it sounds. Johnny Lee was saying how people consider the phone to finish at the screen, but there’s always room for more development.

The whole point of moving forward in life and time is to see what happens and plays out on the worlds stage, 3D screens on phones is a pretty cool thing to look out for though. We haven’t seen a lot of 3-D technology being implemented in mobile devices, although we have been seeing it quite often in the television field.

The options are immense when it comes to the implementation of a 3D screen on a smart phone, from getting the dimensions of a couch you plan on buying before you actually buy it to finding the aisle and exact shelf where a product is located in a store. The screen itself could change the way we look at phones as a whole, because a 3D screen would open up so many doors when it comes to talking about the development of new applications and such.

The prototype that they’ve got ready at the moment is a 5-inch smart phone running Android, which in my personal opinion is better than the iOS. It combines this alongside the robotics and computer vision technology implemented within the phone, which is used to track the actual 3D motion of the phone (while creating a 3D model of your surrounding environment in the process of it all).

Google has said that it hopes professional developers take the opportunity to get into something new and unique while it’s still fresh, Google also plans on releasing approximately 200 development kits to those who need it by March 14th. If you can wait to gets your hands on one of those development kits, you’re going to have to keep patiently waiting until March rolls around. There’s no specific release date at this time, but believe me, we’re looking for it just as much as you are!